Hell Yesh!

2011-09-01 12:53:45 by marshmello10

Wow! I'm now a college student! So I've spent most of my primary school life and ALL of my secondary school life on here. GOD, I LOVE NEWGROUNDS!!!

Graduation/ Leaving School

2011-07-31 04:19:00 by marshmello10

So, like I've now left secondary school (or is it junior high to you Yanks?) and now I'm wondering what to do in the limbo between school and college... Got any ideas? (Has to be within reason, however)

Just to get you started http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1W3C_rv ozqw&feature=feedlik


2010-12-23 23:27:52 by marshmello10

How y'all doing on this fine christmas eve?!


2010-04-26 13:36:20 by marshmello10

OMG, I've just realised that it's my 5th anniversary at NG!!! That's a 3rd of my life!!!


2010-03-16 16:53:11 by marshmello10

I just want to know, if you like my art or not, what is good about it and what I should improve in case I'll do another one.


2009-04-09 23:09:58 by marshmello10

Please, please, please watch my videos on Youtube, please?? My youtube name is electradash11.


2007-12-12 01:33:53 by marshmello10

i've done it! I made my website. it is www.craziietomboii.piczo.com. what? go on it. comment on it here so i can make another one!